Tecno Srl was created to meet the current market shortcomings, we deal in producing machinery for wire and sheet metal industry, having an eye on the price. Our machines are divided into two groups: for wire machines and machines for sheet metal, without forgetting the accessories and the necessary spare parts to the two divisions.

As we said our strength is to be able to blend the technology with a reasonable price. Here you can find the most futuristic technical solutions or, alternatively, functional solutions the performance of the requested function, all depends on how you want to produce, because our solutions, as well as standard, they can be "made to measure" for each customer, going to solve small and big problems encountered in industrial production.

In addition to the machines also we produce complementary accessories: welders, Pointing, shears etc.. and we have the ability to provide, in addition to our, even old machines or spare parts, even, our competition, Furthermore, if they could not be provided because of the obsolescence of machinery spare parts, we have the ability to study an alternative solution with new generation products available on the market today, Furthermore, to complete our offer, we also revamping old machines and switchboards.